Woman arrested for driving down highway with ex-boyfriend on hood

Patresha Isidore (Broward County Sheriff’s Office)

FORT LAUDERDALE -- A woman is behind bars after she allegedly sped down a South Florida highway with a man on the hood of her car.

CBS Denver identified the suspect as Patresha Isidore. Isidore allegedly drove off with a car belonging to her ex-boyfriend, Junior Francis, last Sunday.

According to an arrest report, Francis climbed on the hood in an attempt to stop Isidore. However, police say she continued driving, eventually getting onto Interstate 95.

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Isidore drove with Francis on the hood for about 19 miles before she was stopped, according to police.

Another driver captured the video of the incident. Warning, the video contains expletives.

Francis did not wish to prosecute Isidore and would not provide a sworn statement to police, according to an arrest report.