Witness Describes His Attempt To Stop Machete Attack Suspect


10TV spoke off-camera to one of the survivors of the attack Thursday at Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus.

Neil McMeekin says he was having dinner at the restaurant when he noticed a man walk in.

In McMeekin’s words, the man was “bouncing around like a boxer.”

He says the next thing he saw was the man hacking at people with a knife in one hand, a machete in the other.

McMeekin says as Mohamed Barry repeatedly stabbed Bill Foley, McMeekin tried to divert him by hitting him with a chair.

He says Barry said nothing throughout the entire attack.

As others ran from the restaurant, McMeekin says a restaurant employee came out of the kitchen with a baseball bat.

He says Barry chased both of them out of the restaurant.

Once outside, he says Barry became instantly calm, looked at them, then got into his car, and drove off.

McMeekin suffered minor injuries in the attack.

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