Winter weather keeping you inside? Keep the kids entertained


The winter blast that hit central Ohio Friday sent kids home from school early and cancelled evening activities, keeping many people stuck inside.

10TV talked with one mom who said she embraces snow days.

“Kids, you know, they’re constantly on the go and they constantly have something they have to do so you know, to have those lazy days, for us moms, at least, I think it’s great,” Priscilla Shanmugham said.

Shanmugham, who has five daughters under the age of 5, uses snow days to do things she wouldn’t otherwise have time to do, like baking or arts and crafts.

“It gives you a chance where like, we can cook together, like make cookies; be able to actually let [the kids] start a project and complete it, which is nice,” she said.

But the excuse to stay inside can make for a relaxing day doing nothing at all.

“Sometimes that’s a blessing in disguise because we don’t have to leave the house and bundling up little kids is sometimes a nightmare,” Shanmugham said.

Snow day activities:
. Bake warm treats
. Have a movie marathon
. Build a fort to watch a movie marathon in
. Make arts and crafts
. Try a science experiment
. Choreograph a dance to a favorite song
. Write a play to perform
. Create a spa day
. Skype family and friends
. Catch up on what is trending on Netflix and other streaming sites
. Make chores fun through games

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