Winning ways at losing weight: Slow and steady


HILLIARD, Ohio - Slow. Steady. And lifestyle changes. Those are words most medical experts advise as the best to put into action for weight loss.

They’re also part of the weight loss strategy no one wants to hear. Dieting is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States with most Americans looking for a quick fix and fast movement of the scale.

For one Hilliard working mom, the “quick fix” is now a method of the past.
Shawnna Graves lost nearly 40 pounds once she sat down with a nutritionist and worked out a sustainable and reasonable plan for living actively and eating healthfully.

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Graves said she still has some work today but is encouraged by how small changes have helped.

“We still like to eat. We still like to go out. But it's all a matter of when we cook at home or when I meal prep. It's about changing some of the ingredients -- maybe using some olive oil instead of butter," she said.

It is not just what she eats but also what she does. Graves has gotten very active, often riding her bike to work, incorporating a stair workout with co-workers and twice weekly interval-based group training.