Winds pick up tonight; Gusts up to 60 mph possible on Sunday


A High Wind Watch will go in effect early Sunday morning.

Winds won't pick up until later tonight and rain will stay spotty through the day. Gusts will approach 30 mph + around 10 p.m. tonight.

More rain will arrive overnight, with a few storms. Rain will then linger into the early morning hours on Sunday, but the focus will be on these strengthening winds.

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Winds will continue to pick up overnight with gusts now over 40 mph in spots.

Tomorrow morning we could be dealing with widespread wind gusts over 40 mph by 8 a.m.

The wind won't stop there. We'll continue to see wind gusts strengthen through the afternoon.

Wind gusts of 50-60 mph will be possible in spots during the second half of the day. Sunday will also be one of those days where temperatures decline throughout the day. We will likely see our highs in the 50's but that will occur shortly after midnight Sunday. We will see temperatures in the 30's by the afternoon, with our low temperatures for the day likely before we approach 12 am Monday.

These strong gusts will continue through the evening tomorrow. Uprooted trees, flying debris and power outages will be possible. Not only will these winds be strong, but you can see that we are dealing with a long period of time where wind gusts will be over 40 mph. Keep in mind, these are not sustained winds. Winds could gust up to these values but the sustained winds will be generally 10-30 mph throughout the day tomorrow.

Winds will gradually die down Monday morning, but it will still be very breezy to kick off next week. Not only that, but temperatures will likely be in the 20's, so we could be waking up to single digit wind chills Monday morning.

With winds expected to be this strong for a long duration of time, it's very important to tie down any loose-lying objects you have outside the house like your trash can. Driving on the road will also be dangerous at high speeds, so take it slow on the roads. And finally, power outages will be very possible, so please take the time today and set aside a plan in case you have to deal with several hours without power.

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