Wind chill advisory takes effect for most of Ohio


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4:30 p.m. Forecast Update - Sunday, Jan. 20

Now the snow has passed, central Ohioans aren't out of the woods yet with winter weather. A wind chill advisory is in effect from 6 p.m. until noon Monday. As temperatures drop below zero, wind chills will make the "feels like" temperatures range from -5 to -15 at times.

9:45 a.m. forecast update - Sunday, Jan. 20 - Ross Caruso

Well, what a difference a day can make. I understand many of your frustrations with how much of the day here in Columbus was rain with a little bit of sleet, but we did tell you that this would be the case going into yesterday morning based on the shift of this rain/snow line.

It stayed just north of Columbus, allowing for rain virtually for all that was south of this line. Areas just 20 miles north saw snow fall throughout much of the day where totals are generally on the line of 5-10 inches by this morning. Areas south didn’t see snow until later last night where we saw not only snow but flash freeze conditions sweep through the region late last night into this morning. Snowfall amounts have been reported across all of the state, with areas around Columbus in the 3 to 6” range. Areas further south saw generally less snow but we did see some very impressive photos of snow drifts in excess of 10 to 14 inches. These will range from county to county but these drifts are impressively different in the matter of a couple feet.

Not only will you have to deal with the snow, but thanks to all the water and moisture on the ground, we’re dealing with a sheet of ice underneath that snow. It is very important to be aware of the ice across the area and that many areas will be dealing with slick spots through the day.

Most of the snow is done and we will just continue to see snow drifting and blowing across the state with scattered snow flurries. Most of our winter weather alerts will expire as we head into this afternoon but we have another one that will kick in this evening. A Wind Chill Advisory will be in effect starting at 6 pm for much of central Ohio and will go through Monday afternoon. This means wind chills in the range of -5 to -20 degrees will be possible during that time. Temperatures will struggle to stay in the teens today and winds will remain on the breezy side. It is extremely important to limit your time outside for the next few days and to make sure you bring those pets indoors.

5 a.m. forecast update - Sunday, Jan. 20 - Ross Caruso

Snow showers will linger through parts of southern and eastern Ohio this morning. Gusty winds continue today, so blowing and drifting snow will continue through the day.

Highs for the day will be reached early, with temperatures in the low teens this afternoon.

A Wind Chill Advisory will be in effect for much of the region this evening through tomorrow afternoon. Wind chills will be in the 5 to -15 range today, with colder conditions expected later in the day. Limiting time outside is crucial since frostbite can occur on exposed skin in just as little as 30 minutes for certain areas. Skies clear out later tonight with more subzero wind chills and temperatures dropping below 0.

High pressure brings clearing skies tomorrow, but it will be another frigid and blustery day with highs in the low teens.


12:05 a.m. update - Sunday, Jan. 20 - Jeff Booth

Our weather-maker has been bringing primarily rain to the area with sleet and snow in the far north so far today. Precipitation will change over to sleet, freezing rain then snow in the early evening and we’ll see icy conditions developing as temperatures fall rapidly tonight.

Expect to see roughly 2-4” of snow in and around Columbus. Areas south of the city will likely see 1-3” with a little more ice. Areas north will get a little more snow, possibly up to 6-12” or so.

It’ll turn windy & frigid overnight, expect sub-0 wind chills by Sunday morning. Frigid conditions will continue on Sunday with snow ending early. Highs Sunday will hit the upper teens but it’ll feel closer to 0 with the winds.


10TV's Jeff Booth is giving us the latest on tonight's conditions as snow finally enters Columbus.

Forecast Update 8:00 p.m. - Saturday, Jan. 19

The changeover from rain to wintry precipitation is currently happening in Columbus. Some sleet is making it to the surface in parts of Downtown Columbus. This will be changing over to all snow through the evening.

Forecast Update 5:00 p.m. - Saturday, Jan. 19

Our weather-maker has been bringing primarily rain to the area with sleet and snow in the far north so far today. Precipitation will change over to sleet, freezing rain then snow in the early evening and we’ll see icy conditions developing as temperatures fall rapidly tonight. Expect to see roughly 3-6” of snow in and around Columbus. Areas south of the city will likely see 1-3” with a little more ice. Areas north will get a little more snow, possibly up to 8” or so. It’ll turn windy & frigid overnight, expect sub-0 wind chills by Sunday morning.

See the live chat with 10TV's Jeff Booth and Mike Davis on this evening's conditions.

Forecast Update 1:00 p.m. - Saturday, Jan. 19 - Ross Caruso

Rain and sleet continue to be the main form of precipitation reported across Columbus as this rain/snow continues to nudge north of I-70. As expected, this will continue to limit snow from accumulating across areas along and south of I-70 through this afternoon. Areas north and northwest of Columbus, however, have been reporting ice accumulations and a couple inches of snow on the ground due to the cooler conditions. Right now, temperatures are hovering around 35 degrees here in Columbus, which will keep snow from sticking for to the ground this afternoon. Areas up north/west will continue to pile up the snow while the rain continues to fall across southern Ohio. Snow will return to Columbus and the remainder of the region later this evening and will accumulate later tonight. As described in the previous updates, this northerly lift in this rain/snow line will lead to less snowfall totals for those impacted by rain/sleet this afternoon. Right now, Columbus is looking mainly at the lower end of 3-6” with some ice accumulations. Read previous update for the rest of the discussion into Sunday for more details.

10TV Meteorologist Ross Caruso is tracking the latest on Saturday's forecast.

Forecast Update: 8:25 a.m. - Saturday, Jan. 19 - Ross Caruso

As I am writing this update there has been more precipitation in the form of rain/snow entering western Ohio. Within the next few hours, this swath of precipitation will be nosing into central Ohio bringing a mix of snow, sleet, rain and even freezing rain in spots that are below freezing.

LIVE: Doppler 10 Meteorologist Ross Caruso is timing out the winter weather in central Ohio and when snow will stick in your neighborhood:

Let’s talk temperatures:

We have been stay rather mild through the course of the overnight and this morning with temperatures just above the freezing mark here in Columbus. Areas south of I-70 are also in the same boat with temperatures near the mid 30 by the Ohio River. Areas north are just below freezing with temperatures in the 27-31 degree range.

One thing I want to point out is that models have been underperforming with our overnight temperatures. Models last night were thinking most would be in the mid-upper 20’s, while most were near if not above the freezing mark(along & south of I-70). This is huge because it will limit the potential for snow to stick across the area. Grassy surfaces and higher elevated areas will likely see accumulation before most of the roadways do today. The exception to this will be those about a county or so north of I-70, where temperatures are below the freezing mark. Temperatures will likely hang around the freezing mark along I-70 through the early afternoon. Areas north of the region will likely be below the freezing mark through much of the day. Areas south will see temperatures in the 35-45 degree range—Warmer for those closer to the Ohio River.

Everyone will then be below the freezing mark later this evening and especially overnight where lows be drop into the teens. This will send a flash freeze for everyone that may still have liquid on their roadways—especially if it’s untreated. Winds will also allow for temperature to feel like their in the single digits and subzero through the overnight and tomorrow morning.

Let’s talk timing of the precipitation:

Overall, models have been doing a pretty good job at showing widespread precipitation moving into central Ohio through the mid-morning hours.

Areas along I-70 will likely be battling a mixed bag of precipitation while areas further south will deal with rain and those a county north of I-70 will likely deal with plain snow. This will continue to stay steady through the afternoon before colder air on the back edge of this system changes the form of precipitation over the plain snow. The change will happen for those in the heart of central Ohio as we likely head into the late afternoon/evening hours. Those up north will still be dealing with snow, while the change will drastically change everything to snow starting from the NW to the SE. Precipitation will be heavy at times and I am expecting winds to be in excess of 30-40 mph at times—border line Blizzard Warning criteria. These will create extremely difficult driving conditions through this evening and the early overnight.

Snow will then taper off in the NW first around midnight, then central Ohio soon after and then finally in the SE.

Let’s talk snowfall totals:

First off, don’t expect to see a lot of snow on the ground if you’re along I-70 and especially south of that line going into this morning and afternoon.

Minor accumulations will occur for this north of I-70, but I honestly don’t think we’ll see much accumulation during the first half of the day. The time of day where the snow really picks up will be later this evening when we see that changeover to plain, wet snow. This is where conditions will be most dangerous during the day today as visibility will be drastically limited.

As far as totals go, there has been still a lot of inconstancy with each model run but based on what I’m seeing so far this morning, I do believe we will be on the lower end of totals from what models have been predicting here in Columbus. Areas that are along I-70 will be split between what I think will be 4” to 8” + Iso. Pockets up to 10”(Areas north of I-70) and the 3” to 6” + some ice accumulations(.1” to .2”) for those just south of the I-70 line. Further south it doesn’t become easier to forecast but there will be less snow. Areas further south of I-70 will likely pick up 1” to 3” of snow by the end of the day, with many areas around the Ohio River picking up an inch or so of rain, too. These areas will likely deal with ice too, considering how they will be well below the freezing mark overnight tonight. If this rain/snow line moves north, which I think is possible, we will see lesser of the range of snow totals.

If it shifts south, which is possible but not as likely in my eyes at the moment, then we will be in the higher end of things. Regardless of “X” amount of snow. There will be headaches for all going into tomorrow morning.

And finally, let’s talk impacts:

First off, as the snow/rain picks up there will be limited visibility across the board today. Visibility will be worse later tonight with the snow, strong winds and lack of daylight.

Roads will be most dicey later this morning for those that are dealing with subzero air temperatures at the moment. Minor accumulations of snow or freezing rain will make driving conditions worse that those along and south of I-70—Just to start off the day. Conditions will continue to get worse and the snow will pile up later in the day as we see that changeover so everyone across the board will have dicey road conditions later this evening and especially tonight.

With the added wind gusts of 30-45 mph later tonight and during the overnight hours, power outages and downed trees and other loose lying objects will be affected. Ice accumulations will be on the order of generally .1” to .2” for those along I-70 and to the south, but those probably won’t deal with as much ice until late tonight. Everyone will be below the freezing mark after midnight and there will be a flash freeze across the state, so any untreated roads from earlier today will be subject to be extremely difficult to travel on.

Overall, while the dicey roadways will gradually become an issue for all as the day progresses, everyone will be dealing with icy roads tomorrow morning and also single digit and subzero wind chills. This is EXTREMELY important for those of you that have pets outside. You need to bring them INDOORS. Farm animals should be in there closed houses or barns with lots of added blankets or straw. Blocking drafts from the air or cracks in the structure is also crucial.

It will be in the teens all day tomorrow but it will feel about 10-20 degrees colder than that. This will be the primary concern as many of us either have animals outside in a dog house or farm animals across the state. Animals get cold just like us, so make sure that they are inside or in a well-insulated garage or barn. It’s also important to keep mind of you and your families safety. While the kids may want to play in the snow tomorrow for areas that see a good amount, think twice about it considering those subzero wind chills.

Time outside should be tomorrow and evening Monday should be limited. Period.

Forecast Update: 4:30 a.m. - Saturday, Jan. 19

Today is the day. A potent area of low pressure will move through the southern Ohio Valley, posing a threat for significant winter weather for parts of the region. Areas highlighted under a Winter Storm Warning will likely deal with the most significant snow out of this system, but ultimately depending on where this rain/snow line sets up.

Precipitation in the form of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain will move in mid-morning and will become widespread across central Ohio by noon. This will continue through the afternoon and will become primarily snow this evening and tonight. As that occurs, winds will become gusty, up to 30-40 miles per hour in spots.

Temperatures today are tricky, with most models hovering around the freezing mark along and south of I-70 through the first half of the day. Thus, this will limit snowfall totals within these areas until temperatures plummet later today.

Snow will be heaviest north of this rain/snow line which appears to set up right along the I-70 line. If we happen to see this line push north, we’ll see less snow. If it pushes slightly south, we’ll see more here in Columbus.

Right now we’re smack dab in the middle between the 3-6” with some ice accumulation and the 4-8”+ range with isolated pockets up to 10”. Snow will be heaviest later in the day today and will reduced visibilities drastically tonight.

Winds will stay gusty and snow will finally taper off during the early overnight. Temperatures will then drop well below freezing, allowing for a flash freeze of whatever precipitation is left on the ground.

Those areas that deal with less snow near the Ohio River and more rain will also be dealing with ice issues as temperatures across the state will be well below freezing on Sunday morning.

Winter Storm Warnings

Winter Storm warning n effect until 4 a.m. Sunday across much of central & northern Ohio.

Winter Weather Advisory in effect for southern counties.

Tracking the storm - Friday, Jan. 19 update

Models have become more agreeing on the overall onset of this event.

There will be a swath of rain/snow coming in from the west on Saturday morning before sunrise. This blob of precipitation will then inch eastward into central Ohio in the mid-morning hours.

A clash of rain, snow, ice and sleet for those along I-70, where this rain/snow line appears to set up. For those north of the line, you will likely deal with more snow through the day, thus higher snowfall totals by the end of the event.

Areas south of the rain/snow line will see less snow totals with more rain mixing in. There will be some minor flooding concerns for those along and south of the Ohio River where rain will likely be the main form of precipitation.

Don’t expect much snow accumulation here in the city until the second half of the day. Snow will likely be the main form of precipitation north of the city, so there will be some minor accumulation from when the snow starts through the afternoon.

For Columbus, models have been quite inconsistent with the rain/snow line. One run shifts north, the very next shifts south.

While this is just a matter of 25-50 miles, this is exactly why this forecast is extremely difficult. There is such a big gradient in different types of weather in the matter of that distance. Columbus, for the most part, is the in 3-6” with ice accumulations of about .1” and on the edge of the 4-8”. This is all owed to the fact of this inconsistent picture of where this rain/snow line will set up based on model guidance.

Another issue is going to be A) How warm temperatures get through the day tomorrow and B) How much sleet we deal with. Both could work together to drastically limit totals as temperatures above freezing will keep snow from sticking and sleet will work to take a lot of moisture out of the air. Temperatures are expected to be hovering around the freezing mark and dip slightly above during the first half of the day, so that’s another reason why snowfall totals have such a big drop from county to county.

Most of the accumulations you see on the map will occur during the late afternoon to early nighttime hours. This will be because winds will take a shift out of the NW and allow for colder air to surge into the heart of central Ohio allowing for snow to take over as the primary form of precipitation. This is where wind gusts are expected to pick up, with gusts up to 40 mph at times.


Snow will then quickly taper off into Saturday night(from NW to SE). There will likely be little to no additional accumulation during the overnight hours on Sunday but it will bring other threats to the region.


Temperatures will plummet into the teens and single digits on Sunday morning. This will not only allow for subzero wind chills but flash freezing conditions on the roadways from whatever is on the ground by the end of the day Saturday.

Remember, this situation is very delicate considering the shift in the rain/snow line from each model run. Once small adjustment north or south could be the difference between a shovel full of snow and half a foot.

Stay tuned for more details.

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