Will Central Ohio have a White Christmas?

File Photo (Pixabay)

Christmas is almost upon us and we're getting a lot of questions regarding our chances to see a white Christmas. A white Christmas by the National Weather Service(NWS) standards require 1" of snow or more on the ground on Christmas morning.

Image courtesy: NOAA

Our most recent white Christmas was last year(1" snow depth) and we've had 3 total since 2000. On average, we see a white Christmas about 25% of the time. ​So yes, there is a chance but based on climatology, it's not as high as what many are probably hoping. That is also the case for this year based on the latest forecast guidance.

The Climate Prediction Center(CPC) temperature forecast for December 20 through the 26 leads slightly above average for Ohio.

The precipitation forecast is similar, with a slightly above average tilt over the time period. Based on this, I believe that chances for a white Christmas are low as of now.

This is a broad assumption considering the lack of information that is currently available. As we get within 7-10 days, models will begin to hint at potential storm systems moving through the area, which could then lead to rain/snow based on how temperatures pan out. Once we are within a week, models will begin to come in line and we'll have more information and confidence on whether or not we'll see a white Christmas for the second year in a row. In the meantime, keep it here with 10TV for the latest.