Wife of man charged in murders of Westerville officers details day of killings

Quentin Smith | Oct. 30, 2019 (WBNS-10TV)
Wife of man charged in murders of Westerville officers details day of killings
Jail guard, inmate with Quentin Smith give testimony

The wife of a man charged with murdering two Westerville Police officers testified in his trial Wednesday.

It was Candace Smith's hang-up call to 911 that brought Westerville Police to her door.

Quentin Smith is charged with the murders of Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering.

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Wednesday at her request, Judge Richard Frye wouldn't allow media to record her testimony, but she gave jurors a minute-by-minute account of the tragedy that left two police officers dead.

Jurors heard the 911 call where Candace Smith hung up when the operator answered.

They also heard the operators call back. The first time, she could only hear the sound of a woman crying.

The second call back went to Candace Smith's voicemail.

That's when three Westerville Police Officers, including Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering, were dispatched.

Wednesday Candace Smith told jurors what caused her to make that fateful call.

She says her estranged husband Quentin Smith flew into a rage after finding a male co-worker's name badge in her car.

She says Smith "proceeded to punch me in my face. I fell or he pulled me off the bed, he was choking me," causing her to lose consciousness.

"I remember waking up to him slapping the side of my face and saying my name," she said, "I grabbed my phone, and that's when I made the first 911 call."

Asked why she hung up, she answered, "I was scared if he knew that I called, the situation would get worse."

She says Smith then grabbed both of their guns.

Within minutes, she says two officers knocked on their door.

"They said they got a call about a domestic dispute," she said.

She says Quentin Smith opened the door, with her standing beside him.

"I moved the door back a little so they could see me, and said 'he just got done beating me up and he has a gun'. I stepped out the doorway because I thought they were going to arrest him"

She says that's when Smith grabbed the gun from the couch.

She said an officer said, "Don't do it, don't do it," then she heard gunshots.

She says she ran outside, "until I didn't hear shots anymore."

"When I got to the door, one of the officers was at the doorway laying in my doorway, I was trying to get over him to get to my daughter."

Then, she says, she heard more shots.

She says she saw her husband, "on top of the other officer. It looked like they were tussling moving around on the floor. I moved away from the door when shots were fired again,"

She says then she ran to hide in her neighbor's bushes and made this call:

Operator: "911 what's your emergency?"
Candace Smith: "Please help, please help, please help!"
Operator: "What's wrong? Tell me what's going on."
Candace Smith: "He shot- he shot the police officers. Please hurry up, please hurry up!"
Operator: "Your husband did it? Where's your husband now?"
Candace Smith: "My daughter is in there. Please."
Operator: "Okay- where's your husband?"
Candace Smith: "(Gives address) I don't know. But my daughter is in the house. She's one years old. Please, (gives address), please."
Operator: "Okay, there's a one-year- old in the house with your husband?"
Candace Smith: "Yes."
Operator: "And your husband shot the officers?"
Candace Smith: "He shot the police officer, yes."
Operator: "What's your husband's name?"
Candace Smith: "Please- Quentin Smith. Please hurry up. Please. Please."

The Smith's 15-month-old daughter was in the living room during the shootout between Smith and Officers Joering and Morelli.

Tuesday, officers testified after finding all three men shot there, they discovered the baby on the couch, completely silent and miraculously unhurt.

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