Why a N.J. couple got married in courthouse bathroom

Monmouth County Sheriff's Office

A New Jersey couple recently changed their wedding venue from a judge's chambers to a courthouse bathroom after a relative had an asthma attack. Brian and Maria Schulz were set to tie the knot when the groom's mother had difficulty breathing.

She was taken to a women's room at the Monmouth County Courthouse, where sheriff's officers administered oxygen and called EMT's.

If they had postponed the wedding, they would have had to wait 45 days for a new marriage license. So one of the officers suggested holding the ceremony in the bathroom.

In a video posted on the sheriff's office Facebook page, Judge Katie Gummer performed the ceremony. Sheriff's wrote in the Facebook caption: "Thanks to the quick thinking of Monmouth County Sheriff's Officers and a judge willing to change venues from her chambers, Brian and Maria Schulz were able to tie the knot."

Authorities say the groom's mother is doing fine.