Whitehall man accused of striking goose with metal object, stealing its eggs


Whitehall police said it's the first time in the division's history that police have confiscated eggs as evidence.

The bizarre story unfolded early Wednesday morning when police said they made contact with an 18-year-old near East Main Street and Elaine Road. Police said because the teen was walking on the closed lot of a private business, had no ID and said he didn't know his social security number, an officer decided to place the teen in handcuffs until he could be identified.

A police body camera recorded as the officer asked the teen to drop a blue T-shirt he was clutching in his left hand.

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"Ok, can I drop it?" asked the teen as he attempted to place the shirt on the ground. The officer told the teen, "just drop it. It's just clothes, boss."

The officer's microphone picked up the distinct sound of an item smashing on the pavement. Officers discovered what they called "really big eggs" on the pavement. One egg was still intact. When questioned, the teen told the officers he took the eggs from a grocery store where he works.

Then, the Whitehall patrol officer connected the dots.

"These are goose eggs," the officer said. "That's a blue shirt we just got a call on."

10TV obtained a police report from an incident that occurred 20 minutes before police made contact with 18-year-old Andre Teague Jr. A woman told police she saw a man wearing a blue shirt striking a goose with a metal object.

The woman said she observed the object "catching the light" while the man swung at the goose and she told police she could hear the animal crying out in pain.

Responding officers found a dead goose in the road.

Inside the police cruiser, Teague admitted on camera he confronted the goose.

"You know how gooses is," the teen said.

"Hissing, and stuff?" the officer asked.

"Yeah, hissing," Teague said. "And he came charging at me and I want to pet it or whatever. And then it bit me. I want to take one of the eggs — see if it will hatch like over at my house."

The teen admitted swinging at the goose but denied striking her.

Police charged Teague with cruelty to animals.

"I'm not sure exactly why he did it, other than this, just seems like a mean thing to do. This is just a horrible thing to do," said Whitehall Deputy Chief Dan Kelso.

Teague is also facing environmental charges because Canada geese are protected under both the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Ohio law.

He is scheduled to face a judge an answer to the charges next week.

In 2018, police charged Teague with domestic violence on three separate occasions.