Whitehall income tax down 20 percent in wake of government shutdown


The partial government shutdown is being felt in many different ways in many different places.

One of those in central Ohio is in Whitehall, which is where the Defense Supply Center Columbus, or DSCC, is located.

With 8,000 people working there, it's Whitehall's largest employer.

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Every employee there pays income tax to the city of Whitehall to the collective tune of about $1 million a month.

It's not clear how many employees at DSCC are out of work or not receiving paychecks due to the shutdown, but Whitehall's city auditor says the first round of income taxes for this year are down about 20 percent.

By his estimate, that works out to an impact of $50,000 per pay period or $100,000 a month.

"Obviously, we hope that it won't have that total impact. We obviously are hopeful that the leaders in Washington will work quickly to open up all parts of the federal government," said Whitehall Director of Development & Public Service Zachary Woodruff. "And typically in shutdowns, those employees that were impacted did see their pay retroactive. So, obviously, the city would see that revenue come back in when the government is opened back up."

In the meantime, Whitehall officials say there is no impact at all to city services.

Leaders say they have the revenue to cover that short-term loss of income tax and they have a contingency plan of where to make up that money should this turn into a long-term shutdown.