Where's the rain? Abnormally dry conditions continue for September

Where's the rain? Abnormally dry conditions continue for September
Drought Monitor

If you love the dry and warm weather, this blog is just for us! Many of us, however, probably wish we saw some rain, especially on our lawns, plants, shrubs and trees!

The latest drought monitor below shows areas that are experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

Drought Monitor

This comes after only receiving .55" of precipitation this month. All falling on September 1st. We haven't seen a single drop of rain at John Glenn International Airport since then.

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Rain Calendar

Last year was a different story. We saw over 6" in September in 2018. Typically, we see close to 3" in the month of September.

Rain Almanac

Thanks to a large ridge of high pressure stationed near our area throughout much of the month, we've seen mainly dry and warmer than average conditions in the state of Ohio. So where do we rank in the climate records with this month?

consecutive dry days
Past precipitation

If the month were to end today, we would be looking at a tie with the 3rd driest September on record. As far as consecutive dry days in Columbus, right now we're at 18 days with zero measurable precipitation at the airport. This month will likely go down as the driest September since 2014, but we still have over a week left in the month to regain some ground.

Long-range temperature outlook

The only problem is that we aren't going to expect to see a lot of rain for the remainder of the month. The Climate Prediction Center(CPC) thinks that we will likely see below average precipitation going into next month.

Rain forecast

While rain chances will pick up over the weekend, there likely won't be any widespread rain to sweep across central Ohio to satisfy all these dry conditions. The best chance for widespread rain won't be until Monday when a cold front will move through.

Temperature trend

That means that this month will likely not only be below average for rainfall, but it will also be above average temperature-wise. Right now, we're 3.7 degrees above average and we won't see many seasonably cool days to help bring that average down before heading into October.

Stay tuned for more updates on our drought monitor and when we could see cooler weather return to central Ohio.