Where is Barbara Frame? Zanesville Family Still Searching For Answers in 1985 Cold Case


A single mother of three vanished from Zanesville back in 1985.  Nearly, three decades later, police still don't have any leads.

"It's hard it's very hard not knowing what happened; never going to know," says Kathy Huber, whose mother disappeared in 1985.

Huber was 14-years old when she says her 38-year old mother Barbara Frame left their Zanesville home on January 30th and then vanished.  "She got her coat and said she was going to be back cook us dinner and she never came back," says Huber

Her daughter says just before her mother left, Barbara told her she received a call from an attorney about a meeting regarding her recent divorce.  "There ended up being no appointment.   They found her car next day, empty," she says.

Police say her mother's blue Monte Carlo was found in front of a bar, across the street from United Technologies, where Barbara worked.

Her daughter believes her mother was a victim of foul play.  But police say they can't prove that.

Barbara Frame lived at 1603 Alice Street, and it's the last place anyone saw her before she disappeared.  According to police, she was home with her ex-husband when they both left in separate cars. Police say the ex-husband took a polygraph test and the results were inconclusive"

Kathy says she doesn’t believe her mother is still alive.  “She's had no contact with any family.”  That includes her grandmother, who Kathy says was dying in the hospital and who her mother she says visited every day.

The family believes someone knows what happened to Barbara Frame.

Her daughter says she won't stop seeking answers.  "I'll never give up, if nothing comes up I'll keep trying.”

On Saturday at 9:00 a.m., friends will gather at the Pick "N Save on Underwood Street in Zanesville to hand out missing person's flyers of Barbara Frame in hopes someone will remember what happened to her.