What's Going Around: Pink eye


COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) -- Doctor's offices are busy with people coming in, suffering the symptoms of the common cold and the flu. Both are contagious, viral infections, and for some people they can lead to pink eye in the form of viral conjunctivitis.

Some of the signs of this form of pink eye include the white part of the eyes, called the sclera, turns a reddish or pink color. There is also drainage and discharge from the eyes, which are also itchy and watery.

Dr. Mike Patrick of Nationwide Children's Hospital says if the symptoms are mild and your child has a bit of congestion or a runny nose, you'll be fine to watch it for a day or two.

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"If it's thick drainage and the eyes are matted closed, any time there's eye pain or kids don't want to look at light or the light in their room hurts their eyes, we call that photophobia," Dr. Patrick said. "Those are going to be instances where you want your kids' eyes seen right away."

For viral conjunctivitis, Dr. Patrick says the immune system will fight it off.

However, you can get a bacterial infection on top of the viral one. That is when your health care provider will usually prescribe antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment.