What's Going Around: Holiday dangers


Now is the time to make sure your holiday decorations are more than perfect, you should also make sure they are safe.

Consider the bright lights and candles, the tinsel and ornaments and the scents and flavors. All are part of this magical time of year but for little ones, it only makes sense to reach out and touch. Everything.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Emergency Medicine expert Dr. Mike Patrick said parents, grandparents and other guardians should consider how it all looks from a child's point of view. Dr. Mike said grown-ups should think like a kid.

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“Parents should really get on the ground and sort of pretend you're the toddler and look around and see things from your toddler's eyes.”

Next, ask yourself questions including what sort of things present a hazard? What could tip-off of counters or shelves? What things are really within their grasp?

Here are just a few strategies to put into practice at home: Make sure breakable or sharp ornaments and decorations out of reach.

Skip the table-runners or tablecloths because babies, especially new walkers, can pull them.

Remember to pick up after guests especially when you're hosting or having a little holiday cheer because utensils, drinks even cigarettes can be tempting to kids.