What's Going Around: Coughing


Coughing is what's going around this week. Experts say it’s that time of year.

Here's a little about the 'why' of coughing. The goal is to clear and protect the airways because when it’s cold, mucus is produced.

There are tiny cells that line the trachea which goes from the mouth down to the lungs and those cells have little hair-like projections that keep mucus, debris and mouth bacteria from getting into the lungs.

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Dr. Mike Patrick of Nationwide Children’s said all of that gets disrupted when you have a cold, for example, which is why coughing kicks in to help everything out of the airway.

“We want to treat the underlying cause of the cough there are some things we can do to settle the cough,” Dr. Mike said. “One of those is actually honey especially if you sip it off the spoon slowly and let it coat the back of the throat."

Remember honey is not for everyone, especially children under 12 months of age.

Coughs can linger for more than a week. When you're at the five to seven-day mark, it is recommended that you have a health care provider take a look at your lungs to check for any serious health concerns.

Dr. Patrick says whenever your child has a fever with a cough, seek medical attention.

Hydration is important, warm or cold juice for little ones and a humidifier for added moisture in the air can help too.