Wet Leaves Create Dangerous Conditions


With the rain and wind the last two days, leaves are beginning to fall off of the trees in masses around Central Ohio, posing problems for residents.

"Every time it rains I can't walk on the sidewalk itself. I have to walk on the grass to get around the puddle," Worthington resident Joan said.

Lt. Michael Duncan of the Worthington Fire Department knows the dangers wet leaves pose far too well 

"You get them on the roads and cars don't stop easily in water to begin with, add leaves and it's even more dangerous. On the sidewalk they're slippery for people to walk on," he said.

As the rain continues to fall so do leaves creating dams in gutters and storm drains. 

"Especially on rainy days, a lot of times what happens, if the leaves aren't picked up very quickly they tend to pool in areas where the water pushes them and of course that goes towards drains and things that clog and now you have pooling of water," Lt. Duncan said.

Then once the leaves dry out, a new set of problems arise. Heat from catalytic converters can cause fires when cars park above piles of leaves. However, when it comes to disposing of them, most municipalities do not allow residents to burn them. 

Not all communities have the same policies when it comes to removing leaves. Click here to check on your city's policy.