Westerville fire chief collects career memorabilia


Brian Miller in Westerville has an amazing collection when it comes to firefighting. He even collects fire trucks.

“I have been collecting since I was 3 years old. It's been a lifelong dream and passion and now I am living out my dream I own tow of my own fire trucks,” he said.

Brian owns two fire trucks which make him a pretty popular guy, especially with his two kids.

“It is great driving them down the street seeing responses from people,” he said.

And the fire trucks are just the beginning of this collection.

Inside his house, Brian has basically created a museum to firefighting, which is very fitting considering he is the Westerville Fire Chief.

“You know it is incredible that this has been a lifelong dream for me and I get to live out my dream and now it is great that not only is it my career but my hobby as well,” he said.

You name it Brian has it and we are talking about thousands of items: from diecast toys to a collection of helmets.

But his prized possession is a bed key that firefighters carried back in the 1700's.

“So, firefighters would go into homes and rescue the beds. They would have this key and they would unbolt the bed and throw it out the window because back in the colonial days everything else was made of wood or straw and could be easily replaced but not that brass bed,” Brian said.

Brain said he loves sharing his collection and that it will continue to grow.

As a matter of fact, his wife just gave him the other half of the basement to start filling up.

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