Westerville Division of Fire holds ceremony to honor lives lost on 9/11

The Westerville Division of Fire held a 9/11 ceremony to honor the lives lost 18 years ago. (WBNS)

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — The Westerville Division of Fire held a 9/11 ceremony to honor the lives lost 18 years ago.

It is a day felt by many and a day filled with many emotions.

Westerville's fire and police chaplain, David Hogg, spoke about that day and the impact it has on everyone. He shared personal stories about his dad and their time spent together going to parades. He mentioned how he would watch his dad proudly saluting the flags each time they went to one.

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Hogg also spoke about the children and his hope for everyone to set examples for the younger generations.

"My friends, that's (your) and my responsibility to share to these children the love and respect and honor of this nation," he said.

Children from the Annehurst Elementary choir were also part of the ceremony. They sang songs of honor and then sat quietly soaking in all of the information and stories shared today.

One of the children spoke about their own perspective of 9/11 and how it impacts them.

"My classmates and I were not yet born when this tragic event took place, however we can learn the wars and tragedies of the past and work together to make a bright and peaceful future," Hallie Parker said.

Parker is only 10 years old. Her mother said in order to remember history, it needs to be talked about.

"It is all about communication and having an open conversation and allowing them to ask the questions," Jean Oppermann said.

Annehurst's choir director also feels a role in the education field in continuing the conversation about history.

"I think doing events like this kind of brings it to life for them it kind of brings it into reality that there is something that occurred," Tricia Hall said.