Westerville 2-year-old becomes basketball sensation


Two-year-old Calvin Shannon of Westerville loves basketball and this youngster who is just learning how to talk can really shoot the rock.

He gets his inspiration from the Movie “Space Jam” and in particular his Airness, Michael Jordan.

His mom and dad posted a video of Calvin making four buckets in a row from off their loft to a basket down below.

Two year old’s are not supposed to be able to do this and yet Calvin did not miss. Needless to say, the video blew up on social media something that caught his parent Heather and Mike Shannon off guard.

"It has had millions of views from all the different sources,” Mike Shannon said. “Zeke Elliott was the first to capture it and he re-tweeted it and from that point, it went viral and everyone got their hands on it"

And Calvin gets plenty of practice. There are hoops literally everywhere in the house as pointed out by his mom Heather.

"Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen...you name it and there is one there,” she said.

And who knows, Calvin could be a Michael Jordan in the making.

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