West Liberty-Salem shooting suspect to be tried as an adult


The West Liberty-Salem High School student accused of shooting a classmate earlier this year will be tried as an adult.

Champaign County Judge Lori Reisinger decided to move the case against Ely Serna out of juvenile court Monday.

Serna is accused of entering the school on the morning of January 20 with a shotgun and shooting a classmate.

According to the police report, Serna assembled the weapon inside a bathroom stall.

After exiting the stall, Serna ran into Logan Cole and fired two rounds at him. Serna then left the bathroom and fired rounds into two classrooms.

Police records state that Serna returned to the bathroom and discovered Cole was still alive and apologized.

Serna then turned the gun around and pointed the weapon at himself asking Cole to pull the trigger, which he refused.

At that time, two administrators came into the bathroom and held down Serna until police arrived.

Cole was critically wounded and was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He was able to return to school in February.

Serna’s bond was set at $1 million last week.

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