Weatherman's Whimsy: Sign of the seasons

Harvest Moon, Travel Moon & Dying Moon

Growing up in Minnesota, there was an old expression. “There are two seasons: Winter… and road construction.”

Does anyone else in Columbus feel this way? Maybe it’s just the routes I take, but I don’t think I can remember a time when more roads were shut down, torn-up, one lane only or entirely gone before.

The orange barrel business is booming! Maybe it’s just a sign of the season. Road crews must think they’re running out of time, so they’re even working at night.

Whatever the reason, thank goodness there’s no snow to deal with right now.Typical of fall in central Ohio, the temperatures are all over the place. (Consistency is NOT our middle name).

We had those 5 straight 90 degree days, followed by a slump where morning lows fell into the 30s and 40s, and now highs are back in the 80s. The average high, as of today, is just 70 degrees.

By the way, today is the full moon. (October 5th at 2:40 PM EDT) The moon rises about 6:51 PM EDT. The October full moon has a number of different names.

For one thing, it’s the Harvest Moon, which is the moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The Harvest Moon is one of the best known of all the full moons because it occurs in conjunction with harvesting time.

But it’s also known as the Full Hunter’s Moon, when the leaves have begun turning and game is fattened for the upcoming season. It’s hunting season and time to stock up on provisions for the winter.

It also is bright enough to illuminate the night for tracking and hunting purposes. But that’s not all.

The October Full Moon is also sometimes known as the Travel Moon and the Dying Moon. It’s bright enough for travel by night and the grass and leaves are often beginning to die.

Personally, I think October is one of the great months. Temperatures are starting to drop, the leaves are turning, and it's statistically our driest month of the year.

It's the month I got married, the month I came to 10TV and we've got baseball playoffs, college and pro football, soccer playoffs loom and hockey is back. What's not to like?