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Keeping Indian Lake healthy

Weeds and plants have been causing problems for boaters and other water recreation.

Those who visit Indian Lake have been battling weed growth, making the water murky and hard to navigate.

Earlier this year, Indian Lake was treated with aluminum sulfate (alum).  

According to the Ohio State University Ext. Program Director of Aquatic Ecosystems Eugene Braig, alum removes soluble phosphorus from the water column.

It can also act as a flocculating agent, which precipitates out all manner of fine particles. 

This has made the water clear but that clear water also allows for the new growth of certain plants.

The Spillway Area is very Weedy 07/28/21

Posted by Indian Lake Aerials by Kevin Campbell on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has deployed two weed harvesters to help in the removal of some of the lake’s main channels as well as limited chemical spraying to help mitigate the problem. 

Hiedie Whitman, the manager of Indian Lake State Park says they are working on a science-based approach to managing the situation while working on a long-term plan that protects the overall health of Indian Lake.