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Central Ohio could see more frequent flooding events

A warming climate could allow for more heavy precipitation like the flooding in Reynoldsburg this past summer.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In August, the Reynoldsburg area saw one of the worst flooding events with around 4.5 inches of rainfall in 90 minutes. 

As our climate continues to warm, climatologists believe we could see more events like this in central Ohio as we see a strengthening in evaporation.  

"The changes in our temperature and total annual precipitation is just part of the story. It’s really that variability as well,” said Aaron Wilson, a climate specialist with the State Climate Office of Ohio.

Credit: NOAA

Homes and businesses in high-risk areas or 100-year floodplains with mortgages from federally regulated lenders are required to have flood insurance. 

“Homeowners can use that knowledge to make good decisions on where and how to build safely," State National Flood Insurance Coordinator for Ohio Alicia Silverio said.

She said it’s important for all property owners to understand flood risk.

Credit: MUNICH

The Federal Emergency Management Agency manages the National Flood Insurance Program, creates flood maps and supports flood insurance studies for over 750 communities in Ohio.

Tools to stay safe and informed:

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