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Invasive insect discovered in northeast Ohio

Researchers are worried that these insects could impact the lumber and wine industry.

OHIO, USA — Earlier this year, there were reports of a spotted lanternfly sighting near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Now, a tree care professional on the east side of Cleveland found a population of these insects. 

The spotted lanternfly (SLF) was first detected in eastern Pennsylvania back in 2014. Since then, they have been discovered in Delaware, New Jersey, northern Virginia and now in Ohio.

They are an invasive species that is known for causing damage to grapevines, fruit trees, hops, oak, pine, and walnut trees. 

Damage to the trunk and branches comes with extra oozing sap, black sooty mold, and wilting of the tree.

Credit: Ohio Dept. of Agriculture

Now through the end of November, SLF will reach its adult stage. 

If you happen to see an SLF or want more information, you can find that here.

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