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Skywatch: We welcome the Full Snow Moon this week

Look for a big, bright moon early in the week.
The Full Snow Moon

We’ll start out the week welcoming the Full Moon. It arrives at 2:33 a.m. on Sunday morning. This month’s Full Moon is known as the Full Snow Moon because the heaviest snows usually fall in February.

It’s also known as the Full Hunger Moon. While Saturday night (2/8) was the best time to view it, it’ll still be big & bright on Sunday night; provided we get some clearing.

Courtesy: NASA

Mercury will reach something known as the greatest eastern elongation at around 9 a.m. Monday morning. This is when the planet will appear to be farthest from the Sun to people on Earth.

Find Venus & Mercury

February will present the best evening viewing of the innermost planet as it reaches its highest point in the sky at the aforementioned elongation.

You’ll still need a clear view of the horizon to find Mercury but if you look in the WSW after sunset on Monday you might just catch it. Look up and to the left of it at what appears to be a very bright star. This is Venus which is only outshined by the Sun & the Moon in the sky.

Last Quarter Moon

Speaking of the Moon, it reaches the Last Quarter phase on Saturday evening at 5:17 p.m. Enjoy the half-moon that night. Happy Hunting.