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Skywatch: Use the Moon to help you find a trio of planets

Jupiter, Saturn & Mars are out in the morning sky this week.
The Moon & Three Planets

Our Moon will pass very close to three different planets in the morning sky this week. Look south to the southeast in the morning sky starting Monday.

Locate the Moon and look for what appears to be three bright stars. Those would be Jupiter, Saturn & Mars. On Tuesday morning Jupiter and the moon will be extremely close to each other.

On Thursday morning the Moon & Mars will be very close. Above is how you’ll find the group on Tuesday morning.

Last Quarter Moon

Speaking of the Moon it’ll reach Last Quarter at 10:03 a.m. Thursday. If we have clear skies look for the half-moon on Thursday night.

Venus Meets Up with Mercury

Venus continues to shine brightly in the western sky after sunset. It’s actually the third brightest object in the sky. The only brighter objects are the Sun & our Moon. Venus will be tough to miss in the evening sky.

If you’re lucky and you have a clear view of the horizon look below & right of Venus to see the planet Mercury.

The two will planets will be in conjunction soon. More on that next week. Happy hunting!