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Skywatch: The Moon has a date with the lion this week

The moon is in Leo this week, & you can spot a classic wintertime constellation.
The Daytime Moon

If you’re out early in the week and skies cooperate (a.k.a. they clear out) look for the daytime moon.

You’ll be able to see the waning gibbous in the morning hours early in the week. Look in the west after sunrise.

The Moon & the Lion

Speaking of the Moon it’s got a date with the lion on Sunday & Monday evenings.

Our satellite will be near Leo the lion in the eastern sky in the evening hours. Look in the east to find the two.

Orion the Hunter

Another constellation you’ll easily be able to spot this week, and throughout the winter, is Orion. He is the hunter who in one myth was so arrogant that he believed he could kill any and all animals.

This upset the goddess of the Earth, Gaia who sent a lowly scorpion to best the hunter which it did. Zeus put the two in the sky and some believe that the reason that Orion is a winter constellation and the scorpion is a summer constellation is because the latter is chasing the great hunter across the heavens throughout the years.

Last Quarter Moon

If you notice the sky is getting a little darker each night you’re very perceptive, it is. That’s because the Moon will wane to Last Quarter by Friday morning at 7:58 a.m. Look for the half moon if you’re out early Friday morning or in the evening Friday night. Happy hunting!