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Skywatch: Look for the latest sunsets of the year

The latest sunsets of the year are this week.
Mercury & Mars

On Sunday night if you’re out after sunset look near the western horizon for Mercury and Mars. The two will be low in the sky with Mercury a little higher and right of Mars. You’ll need a clear view of the horizon to see them because they’ve so low in the sky.

This week we’ll see our latest sunsets, more on that later, but we’re also seeing our latest twilight as well. Columbus is on the 40th parallel. The latest twilight for the 40th parallel occurs on June 24.

So even though we enjoyed our longest day of the year last week we can enjoy twilight just a little longer this week. Philadelphia, Northern Indianapolis and Denver all get this treat as well because they too fall on the 40 degrees north latitude.


The Last Quarter Moon will arrive early on Tuesday morning. At 5:46 a.m. it’ll officially be here. Look for the half moon on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

As I mentioned earlier the latest sunsets of the year are this week as well. Even though the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, was next week the latest sunrises come about a week after.

That’s because if you were to look at the length of the day, or the time it takes the midday sun to return from one day to the next, you’d see it's just a little more than 24 hours long this time of year.

According to sunrise/sunset.org the latest sunset this year will be Thursday evening when the sun sets at 9:04:55 p.m. Happy hunting!