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Skywatch: Look for the latest sunrises this week

The latest sunrise of the year is this week.
The Moon Meets Up with Neptune & Venus

The Moon has a date with Neptune & Venus on Tuesday evening. Look for the waxing crescent in the southwest at nightfall for the trio.

The moon will be easy to spot. If you have a telescope look just above and right of it to spot Neptune.

Venus will be low in the horizon (so you’ll need a clear view of it) just below and right of the two.

First Quarter Moon

Speaking of the Moon it’ll reach First Quarter at 11:45 p.m. on Thursday evening. If skies cooperate enjoy the half-moon.

Quadrantid Meteor Shower

The first meteor shower of the year will peak early Saturday morning. The Quadrantid meteor shower is caused by debris from Asteroid 2003 EH1 which is odd because comets are responsible for most meteor showers.

The peak of the shower is short and sweet as well but it’s been known to produce up to 120 meteors per hour in a good year. For the best chance of seeing the Quadrantids look in the east to northeastern sky after midnight on Saturday morning.

As always find a dark spot, far away from city lights & pray for clear skies for the best show.

Latest Sunrises this Week

If it seems like the sun is rising a little later this week that’s because it is. This week boasts the latest sunrises for the year. The winter solstice was a few weeks ago but the latest sunrises happen a few weeks after.

That’s because we measure the day to be 24 hours long but if you defined it to be the time between two successive “solar noons” it would seldom be an exact 24 hours.

That discrepancy explains why the latest sunrise will be on Saturday morning. According to sunrise_sunset.org sunrise, that morning will be at 7:53 and 51 seconds. Happy hunting!