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Skywatch: Look for the International Space Station

You can find planets and even the International Space Station in the night sky this week.

If you’re out early in the week in the evening, use the moon to help you find the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter will be just below and left of the moon on Sunday night in the eastern sky after sunset. By Monday night, the moon will be just below and left of the gas giant.


On Wednesday, the moon will be between Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn will be low in the sky, so you’ll need a clear view of the horizon to see it. Look in the southeast around midnight to catch the three.


The International Space Station will be visible on Wednesday night for six whole minutes! The ISS looks like a fast-moving star as it moves across the sky. Look for it in the evening at around 9:15 starting low in the WSW sky. It'll make it about halfway up into the sky before departing low in the northeast.


If you look in the eastern sky, you can find a cool constellation known as the Northern Crown. Also called Corona Borealis, it’s a nearly perfect half-circle pattern in the sky. Look for it in the evenings in the east. You’ll be able to find it in the sky until October. Happy hunting!