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Skywatch: Look for the 'Northern Crown' this week

The Corona Borealis should be easy to find all month long.

A dark sky will greet skywatchers this week which means you can look for a famous constellation. The Northern Crown, or Corona Borealis, is visible in the east in the evening this month. 

It stands out because it’s a nearly perfect semi-circle made up of six points of light. Very rarely do you find something so geometric in nature.

The sky will be darker because the moon is waning this week. The new moon will be here at 3 p.m. on Tuesday. This means there will be less light pollution in the night sky.

The crescent moon has a date with three planets later this week. From Wednesday to Saturday, the four will be in the western sky after sunset. 

Mars will be highest in the sky with Mercury and Venus below and right of the Red Planet. You’ll need a clear view of the horizon to catch Venus but that planet will shine brightest. 

On Saturday evening the moon & Mars will be right next to each other. 

Happy hunting!