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Skywatch: Look for a bright Moon & planets this week

The Full Moon arrives early this week, along with a partial lunar eclipse.
Credit: The Full Moon

We’ll start the week out with a Full Moon! This month we can call it the Full Buck Moon because this was the time of year a buck’s antlers would be growing rapidly. It’s also known as the Full Thunder Moon.

Credit: Courtesy: SockPuppetForTomruen

Accompanying this month’s Full Moon is a partial penumbral lunar eclipse. It will be visible from our area but sadly these eclipses are caused by our Moon passing through the faint outer shadow of the Earth, or the penumbra. 

As a result, these are very faint eclipses and you’ll have to look hard for a light shadow cast upon our satellite.

Credit: The Moon Meets Jupiter & Saturn

Use the Moon to help you locate Saturn & Jupiter on Sunday & Monday nights. The trio will be in the southeastern sky at nightfall. 

Above is how you’ll find the three on Monday evening.

Credit: Courtesy: NASA

Venus hits a big milestone this month. On Friday morning at around 4:00 a.m. it’ll reach something known as “greatest brilliancy”. 

Simply put Venus will shine brightest in our sky when this happens. Look for the planet (aka. the “Morning Star”) in the east about a half-hour before sunrise, it’ll be tough to miss.

Credit: The Red Planet & the Moon

Use the Moon to help you find the Red Planet on Saturday morning. The pair will be in the southeastern sky at dawn. 

Mars will have a reddish hue and be just left of the Moon. Happy hunting!