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Skywatch: Find the 'Northern Crown' this week

Spot the almost perfect semicircle in the night sky.
Venus, Mercury & the Young Moon

Use the Young Moon to go planet hunting early this week. A thin crescent will be in the west about 45 minutes after sunset. Just below and right of it, you’ll find Mercury and Venus. Venus will be lower and brighter.

You’ll need a clear view of the horizon to see the best show. The Moon will be nearby on both Sunday and Monday nights. Above is how you’ll find the three on Sunday.

The "Northern Crown"

Take advantage of the dark sky early this week to find a famous constellation that’s a near-perfect semicircle of stars. The "Northern Crown" or Corona Borealis is in the eastern sky in the evenings during the month of May.

What I like most about the constellation is how close it is to being a semicircle – it’s very rare you find something that geometric in nature.

First Quarter Moon

If you’re out Friday night, look up for the First Quarter Moon. It’ll officially arrive at 11:30 p.m. Enjoy the half moon if you’re out and about. Happy hunting!