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Recycling right with SWACO: What you can and cannot recycle in Franklin County

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio is making sure Franklin County residents are recycling right.

GROVE CITY, Ohio — The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) wants Franklin County residents to know what they can and cannot recycle in their curbside recycling bins.

While many of us recycle every day there are still unacceptable items thrown into the curbside bins, SWACO says.

Plastic bags, other film plastics, electronic wires and clothes hangers are items that are not accepted in Franklin County’s curbside recycling program, according to Hanna Greer-Brown, Communications Manager at SWACO.

“These items are commonly referred to as ‘tanglers’ for the very reason they tangle in equipment,” said Greer-Brown. “It can lead to a lot of equipment failures and tangling at the material recovery facility.

There are options, however, when it comes to recycling these types of materials.

Plastic bags can be reused. Instead of keeping your recycling materials in a plastic bag and throwing the entire bag in the recycling bin, try reusing that bag and empty the contents of your bag into the recycling bin loosely and reuse that bag for future items.

Another option would be to take your plastic bags to a local grocery or retail store. Greer-Brown said that many locations in Franklin County accept these bags and reuse them. Also, a good alternative to plastic bags would be paper bags.

Paper bags are accepted in the curbside program, so you can simply place the bag with your recycling contents in the bin.

Electronic waste is also not accepted in the curbside program and poses a threat to tangle in the equipment at the recovery recycling facilities.

“Any appliance or item with a cord is considered electronic waste,” said Greer-Brown. Instead, take your electronic waste to a recycling E waste center.

Another item to keep out of the recycling bins, clothes hangers. A lot of time, you get these from dry cleaners, so you can easily return them to where you take your dry cleaning.

Before you recycling, you should ask yourself the following questions in this order: Can you reduce the amount of product you’re using? Can it be reused? And then, can it be recycling?

For more on what you can and cannot recycle here in Franklin County, visit swaco.org for more details.