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Multicolored ladybugs are out in full force

Entomologists have noticed more ladybugs this year as they start to sneak into our homes.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Lady beetles, or ladybugs, have been seeking shelter in our homes by the numbers to escape the cooler, fall weather.

Entomologists at the Ohio State University have noticed more this year compared to the past few years. They believe this is because of an increase in their food source.

Lady beetles, or commonly called ladybugs, are beneficial predators that typically snack on unwanted bugs in your lawns and gardens.

“We believe we have had an increase in the soybean aphids in our soybean fields which could have lead to this increase”, said Dave Shetlar, professor emeritus of entomology at Ohio State University.

Credit: Dave Shetlar

The lady beetles range from a deep red to a light yellow color.

“We think that color is related to the quality of food they had when they were in their larvae stage”, Shetlar said.

The more protein in its diet then the more red color they would have to their coloring. They are not harmful to pets or people but have a distinct smell that helps protect them from predators.

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