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Skywatch: The month of 'The Pleiades' is here

The famous asterism is high in the sky this month.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The month of November is here and this will give you a chance to find a famous asterism. November is also known as the Month of the Pleiades because of its prominence in the night sky this month. 

Also known as the Seven Sisters, the star cluster is one of the most recognizable patterns of stars in the night sky. This asterism has been observed since the ancient world and it’s a harbinger of the coming winter season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The moon and Saturn will be in conjunction on Wednesday evening. The two will be very close in the southern sky after sunset. 

Jupiter will be very close with Venus hugging the horizon. On Thursday evening, the moon will be very close to Jupiter.

Speaking of the moon, it reaches first quarter on Thursday at 7:46 a.m. Moonset is after midnight Thursday night so you’ll be able to enjoy the half moon.

After the moon sets Friday morning look for fireballs. The North Taurid meteor shower is expected to peak Thursday night into Friday morning. 

Caused to debris from Comet 2P/Encke, it’s not particularly active with a peak rate of five to maybe ten meteors per hour but it is known for fireballs: long-lived, fast moving meteors that streak across the sky. 

Find a dark spot, far away from city lights for the best chance for spotting some. 

Happy hunting!

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