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Skywatch: A darker sky will make stargazing easier this week

The new moon will bring less light pollution.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — If you’re out early on Sunday morning look near the horizon for the moon and Mercury. The two will be rising in the southeastern sky but very low above the horizon. Mars and Venus won’t be far off, just above the pair.

The new moon arrives at 12:46 a.m. on Tuesday morning meaning a darker sky, and therefore more stars will be with us all week long.

With a darker sky look for something known as the zodiacal light. It’s a cone-shaped light extending above the horizon in the western sky visible for about an hour and a half after sunset. The zodiacal light is made up of tiny space dust reflecting the sun’s light.

If you’re out on Wednesday evening look in the southwestern sky for the young moon. Jupiter will be just above and right of our satellite.

On Saturday morning Mars will be very close to the globular cluster Messier 22 or M22. The pair will be in the southeastern sky before sunrise. A pair of binoculars will highlight the duo. 

Happy hunting!