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Skywatch: Enjoy the full moon this week

Look for the Full Pink Moon.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — If you’re out early in the morning you can find four of the five “naked eye” planets. Look in the east-southeastern sky before sunrise for Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. 

On Tuesday, Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction but you’ll need a telescope and a clear view of the horizon to see that Ice Giant.

Mercury reaches a milestone on Wednesday evening. At 6:48 p.m. it’ll be at perihelion which is when it’s at its closest to the sun in the planet’s orbit.

Mercury can be found in the evening sky in the west after sunset just below and right of the asterism known as the Pleiades, or the “Seven Sisters” but you’ll need a clear view of the horizon to see it.

The moon will brighten throughout the week and the full moon will officially arrive at 2:55 p.m. Saturday afternoon. This month’s full moon is known as the Full Pink Moon because wild ground phlox, which is pink, starts to reappear. It’s also known as the Full Budding Moon. 

Happy hunting!