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Hurricane Delta; Closing in on SE Mexico then U.S. Gulf Coast late this week

With another named checked off the list, the most recently named storm, Delta, will pose a threat for the United States later this week.
Credit: tropicaltidbits.com

If you're not familiar with the Greek Alphabet yet, you probably will be by the end of this year. 

Credit: NOAA

It's the second time we've had to break out the Greek Alphabet for hurricane season and a few of these names may be remembered well after this season.

Most recently, Delta, has been checked off the list and is currently a Major Hurricane heading straight towards SE Mexico.

Credit: NHC

As it seems each and every storm has been breaking a record for how soon it's developed, Delta will be doing the same but for less obvious and more impactful reasons. 

As this storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, it will begin to march towards the Gulf Coast this upcoming weekend. After making landfall, it would break the record for the most U.S. landfalls in a season by named storms.

Within 2 days of being named, this storm has intensified into a strong and extremely dangerous major hurricane with category 4 strength with maximum winds close to 130 miles per hour. 

Credit: tropicaltidbits.com

Models currently indicate that this storm will not be weakening much and even after making landfall over SE Mexico it will likely briefly weaken and then regain strength as in pulls into the extremely warm and moisture rich waters in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Credit: NHC

For those with family in Cancun it's important that you reach out to them and let them know that a possible Category 5 hurricane will be hitting them tomorrow. 

As for the impacts on the United States, there will be the potential for heavy rain and flash flooding over the Gulf Coast. Additional threats will be known later this week. 

Yet another devastating blow to the Gulf Coast after what's been and continues to be an exceptionally active, record-breaking season.