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Hot weather is arriving earlier, becoming more common in central Ohio

We have a good chance of seeing the first 90 degree day of the year by the end of this week.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Our first 90-degree day of the year is looking more and more likely by the end of the week.

Credit: 10tv

It's been 242 days since our last 90 degree day back in September of 2021.

We get these hot days every year, but with our new climate data, we are now seeing more 90 degree days and we're seeing them arrive earlier in the year. Looking at our more recent climate data (1991-2020) we now average 21 90-degree days each year and our average first occurrence of 90 degrees has moved from June 15 to June 10.

Our first 90 day this year will be ahead of schedule but no where near the record back in 1915 where we had a high of 90 on April 25. 

Credit: 10tv

We do, however, average 1 day in the 90s each may.  We average 5 days in June, 8 in July, 6 in august and 2 in September on average each year. 

Credit: 10tv

Looking at our hottest years on record we have seen 49 90 degrees days in 1955 and 1936. Our most recent record heat was in in 2012, which had 48 90 degree days.  Last year we saw 21 days above 90 and the 3 years before that were all above average.  

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