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Freezing temperatures could cause damage to some spring crops

A Freeze Warning will take effect Wednesday night into Thursday in parts of southern Ohio.

A Freeze Warning will take effect Wednesday night into Thursday for parts of southern Ohio where the growing season has begun.

We can expect temperatures to drop into the 20s overnight bringing the chance for freezing conditions to kill crops or sensitive vegetation.

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With the spring-like weather earlier this week, some of us may have been fixing up the gardens or flower beds. While some cool weather crops will be able to handle the colder weather, some sensitive plants and transplant crops may be harmed.

Mike Hogan, an agriculture and natural resources educator at Ohio State University, says, “vegetable transplants or summer plants that you have started inside will be the biggest concern. If you have started plants in containers, it’s easy for those to be moved into the garage or in a protected area."

Spring bulbs like tulips or daffodils can withstand even a heavy freeze.

According to OSU Extension, cool-season crops like broccoli, cabbage, beets and carrots can withstand soil temperatures of 40 degrees and a frost.

Warm-season crops like beans, tomatoes, peppers, and summer squash are the plants that you want to keep an eye on during weather colder than 50 degrees.

Credit: Ohio State

Hogan explains that using a light fabric or paper is the best way to cover your plants overnight to protect them from the cold. Never use plastic and be sure to take off the cover when the weather warms up.

OSU Extension and The Ohio Department of Agriculture are kicking off their Victory Garden program this week. The program offers free spring feeds and information to those interested.

For more information, you can find that here.