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After a record-breaking October, could we be in for a frigid November?

Data over the past 10 warmest Octobers show that we could be in for a cooler than average November.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Looking back at the month of October, it is certainly one we won’t soon be forgetting. 

Known for its unseasonably warm weather, this most recent month is unofficially tied for the third-warmest October on record.  

We had 23 days with above-average temperatures and only two with below-average temperatures.

The average temperature for the month was 62.2 degrees, which is 7 degrees above average. We also saw 3.57” of rain, 0.67” above average.

I decided to look at some of the other data around these record-breaking Octobers, specifically the top 10 warmest months and what ended up being the weather for the following month, November.

Credit: 10tv

I found that seven of the 10 Novembers following a record-breaking warm October were below average with respect to temperatures.  The remaining months were average or just slightly above average. 

Another interesting fact was that eight of the 10 Novembers following a record-breaking warm October saw snow! We do average 0.9” of snow each November, so that’s not a very sticky stat.  

Credit: 10tv

Of those eight months we saw snow in November, 5 of them ended up with above average snowfall for the month.

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What does that mean? Well, according to history it would be accurate to say that November will likely be cooler than average and we have a good shot at seeing some snow during the month. 

The reality is that while we have some data to support this, our weather can always throw us a curveball. 

Credit: 10tv

This upcoming week at least will be supporting this cooler trend as we will see many days and mornings with temperatures well below average. 

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is currently forecasting slightly warmer than average conditions for Central Ohio for the month of November and near average conditions with respect to precipitation.

Credit: 10tv

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