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Skywatch: Look for the Full Harvest Moon this week

It'll be big & bright Thursday night.
Credit: The Loneliest Star

The Moon will be the “star” of this week’s show. It’s getting bigger & brighter through the middle of the week. On Monday night use it to help you find the loneliest star. Formalhaut is known as the Lonely One because of where it lies in the sky. It’s in an area that doesn’t have a whole lot of bright stars so it’s basically a solitary point of light. It’s also the first star with a visible exoplanet (planet outside of our solar system). Look in the southeastern sky in the evening below the Moon to find it.

Credit: The Full Moon

The Full Moon will officially arrive on Thursday at 5:05 in the evening. This month’s Full Moon is called the Full Hunter’s Moon because traditionally this was the time to start storing up on food for the coming winter. It can also be called the Full Harvest Moon because traditionally the Harvest Moon is the Full Moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox which was on September 22.

Credit: A Close Encounter

The Moon has a date with the Red Planet on Friday evening. Mars & the Moon will be very close in the eastern sky in the mid-evening. Happy hunting!