Weather Geek: Light snow accumulation expected for central Ohio


Snow moves into Ohio later this afternoon and evening with accumulations on the light side. Areas north of I-70 are under a winter weather advisory.

We are forecasting around an inch now for the Columbus area with a bit more possible north and east.

NO HYPE ZONE - The snow should not have a huge impact on the morning rush if the computer models are accurate. I'm seeing snow falling in the Columbus Metro from 7PM-Midnight. That should be more than enough time for road crews to take care of the roads. If banding of snow sets up... then perhaps a bit more of an inconvenience. Definitely not a buy milk and bread storm for us!

BLIZZARD - The big story continues to be the Northeast Blizzard. The storm system moving over the Midwest now transfers its energy to the East Coast storm. Snowfall amounts between 18-24 inches will be possible late tonight into tomorrow.

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Road Conditions

Information from the City of Columbus:

The City of Columbus continues to prepare for the upcoming snow & ice event.

The City of Columbus Snow Warriors are performing anti-ice functions throughout the city in preparation for the possibility of as much as 3 inches of snowfall. As there is potential for the event to begin as freezing rain the Snow Warriors began their anti-icing efforts overnight and will continue until the weather dictates otherwise. Once the weather changes the type of service will react with the use of salt as necessary. The Division of Infrastructure Management has 82 trucks ready to be put into service as needed, about 29,000 tons of salt on hand and will remain staffed as necessary throughout the event.

  • Anti-icing is the proactive applying of products to roadways before a snow & ice event. Anti-icing helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to pavement, allowing workers to clear the roads more easily. Anti-icing can create safer winter conditions and is a more cost-effective alternative to de-icing. Managers cannot rely on one method for de-icing and anti-icing because each chemical and storm is different.
  • De-icing is the application of ice-control products to driving surfaces to melt existing snow and ice. City staff members perform de-icing during and after an event to melt remaining snow and ice.