We all dream for a white Christmas, but how about a white Thanksgiving?


So far, November has been quite the ride, as far as the weather goes.


Normally, we see our first measurable snowfall on Nov. 20 and our first 1" or more on Dec. 12. Our first snowfall came a month ahead of schedule and we also set some records for the cold for the first couple days of this week.

So you may be wondering, with Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, is it possible to see a white Thanksgiving?

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That is, 1" or more of snow on the morning of Thanksgiving day? Typically, we have this discussion for Christmas but it has happened before here in Columbus.

Records for Columbus dating back to the late 1800's show 29 occasions where we saw snow on Thanksgiving day. Of that, 12 times featured measurable snow with the most recent happening in 2004 (0.1") and 2005 (0.2").

There has only been 2 occasions where we saw 1" or more of snow on Thanksgiving. One time was where we saw 1.1" fall on the Thanksgiving of 1950 and then later in that same decade in 1959.

That Thanksgiving though, saw only 0.7" of snow fall that day, but there was snow the day before, which gave Columbus a snow depth of 1" for that Thanksgiving in 1959.

So is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? No.

Even though this month started out cold and snowy, it looks like we'll be more seasonable heading into the latter half of next week. After that, weather model confidence gets lower, but there are tools out that can help forecast a general pattern in the upper parts of the atmosphere or an air mass that could possibly be in place a few weeks from now.

These next two images you're about to see are forecasts for Nov. 23 to 29 for temperature and precipitation across the United States.

Climate Prediction Center(CPC) Temperature Outlook

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues these long-range forecasts daily for the next several days, weeks, months and even season outlooks.

While they are vague, they often prove themselves useful and accurate when looking ahead into the future on what our weather setup might be in the extended time period.

For example, the latest 8-14 day temperature outlook shows cooler than average conditions expected through the Ohio Valley during this time frame.

While the signal for below average temperatures isn't extremely strong, there is reason to believe that we'll see temperatures below average during this time frame.

Climate Prediction Center(CPC) Precipitation Outlook

The same is the case for precipitation. For the 8-14 day outlook the CPC forecast predicts drier than average conditions during this period. Keep in mind this isn't a locked in forecast and the specifics of Thanksgiving day are very much still in the air.

Within the next several days, however, we'll get more model data in and will be able get a better idea of what the weather pattern will be for that week and then as we get even closer we'll be able to look at the specifics for the holiday itself.

In the meantime, keep it here with 10TV for the latest updates in the weather.