Ways to save while shopping for Mother's Day gifts


GRANDVIEW, Ohio-- Working to find the right Mother's Day gift can be a challenge.

"One year I got a set of tires for Mother's Day," said Grandview mother Sophia Mohr. "But I actually needed them so it was okay."

"Typically we're pretty low-key so maybe I will have time to get a mani-pedi or some flowers," said local mom Emily Reardon.

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Data shows many families decide to take mom out to eat. The holiday marks the highest restaurant spending day of the year, according to data pulled from 50-million Bank of America credit and debit cardholders.

"Mission to Save" author, Mary Hoover, says children can make their mom happy without breaking the bank. She offers the following tips for gift shopping:
-Look for *discounted* 'manager's special' hanging baskets or bouquets.
-If your mom enjoys reading, use an online subscription deal. Hoover said it can help families save or get a bonus year of the magazine subscription.
-Use your own camera to take photos of the family or kids and print it to a canvas, because Hoover said that will help save significantly.

For some mothers, the perfect gift doesn't involve spending money.

"A free day of sleep and no responsibilities would be great," said local mom Binani Brady. "But it's not going to happen!"

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