Watkins Memorial seniors talk about viral drum line video

Jordan Krichbaum put on a show while wearing a blindfold. (WBNS)

PATASKALA, Ohio — A Fall Friday night in the Midwest is a product of practice.

Immediately, you think of football. This story, though, is about the heartbeat of high school football.

The Watkins Memorial High School marching band and its drum line has a reputation for getting hearts pumping a little faster.

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Part of that fault lies with senior Jordan Krichbaum.

"It just kind of makes the whole high school experience better," he said.

It's also better with friends, like Kenny Sloan and Emmett Ness.

"We spend so many countless hours together," Sloan said. "We just have the bond between us and just the sentimental camaraderie and brotherhood that I don't think you get anywhere else."

That brotherhood formed in the sixth grade. Now, it's taking off online.

Last week in Granville the two schools faced off in a drum line battle during the third quarter of the football game.

The students took turns at incredible solos. Sloan went first, then Krichbaum put on a show while wearing a blindfold. Ness then wowed the crowd by flipping upside down on a fellow band member's shoulders while playing a solo.

"It helps when I'm 5"8' and I have somebody who's 6"3' holding me upside down," Ness joked. "That builds a lot of trust, as well."

The six-and-a-half minute video on social media has earned 40,000 views and has gained 62,000 impressions.

"I mean, it's not fully registered," Krichbaum said of the video's success. "That's a lot of people to watch it."

They call it a rush, playing in front of 300 strong in their student section. For these students, though, they're just friends since sixth grade playing and putting together a product of practice that is showcased every Fall Friday night in the Midwest.