WATCH: Man becomes firefighter for a day on 97th birthday

Photo Credit: CNN Newsource

A Pennsylvania man, who always wanted to become a firefighter, fulfilled that life-long dream on his 97th birthday.

Bill Grun celebrated his his big day earlier this month doing something he's always wanted to do: taking a ride on a fire truck.

Local firefighters heard about his wish, and surprised him at the Wesley Enhanced Living Center where he lives.

Firefighters from the Doylestown Fire Company said when Ladder 79 pulled up, Grun hopped right in with no problem.

They took him for a ride and even let him turn on the siren.

The fire department added that Grun is as sharp as men decades younger than him.

Grun teaches Sunday school and drives a manual-shift Model T Ford.

After his ride, he even jogged across the parking lot with a big smile on his face.

Grun asked the firefighters if he could climb the ladder, but they said no.

However, the fire department said they have no doubt he could've done it.

The fire department said they were just happy to make fulfill his life-long dream, adding, "Happy birthday Bill, and many more. You’re one of us now."

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