Watch: Amazon delivery worker surprised with free basket of treats on porch

(Photo by: Kathy Ouma/

(WKYC) — A delivery worker was intending to leave gifts for someone else, but ended up being treated to some himself.

Kathy Ouma says she like to leave drinks and snacks out on her porch for drivers to enjoy on their routes after dropping off packages. This week, one worker from Amazon came to the porch to drop off the package, and was more than surprised to see a container of Coke, Oreos, crackers and more.

Ouma's porch camera captured the moment the driver arrived, and she posted the video on Facebook. The footage has now been seen more than four million times.

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"That's so nice!..."Wow...This is sweet!" the driver can be heard saying as he takes some goodies. He even did a little dance as he walked back to his truck.

Ouma wrote the driver's reaction "made [her] day!"